Sunday, March 16, 2008

Etsy's Handmade Wedding series

We definitely had something of a handmade wedding in August 2006. While professionals are absolutely essential for some things (I didn't see the practicality in having my mother, a brilliant cook, spend day and night in the kitchen to feed everyone, instead of being a guest of honor at a great party!) there are certainly practical and creative ways to pull the event together - some of my best friends are the most talented people I know - they did all of the flowers and interiors, hung lanterns, tied ribbon and scattered petals.

August '06

Etsy launched their handmade wedding series last week. It's a great resource for anyone seeking a diverse market for almost any element of a wedding. And I couldn't agree more with Etsy's description: "..planning a wedding is a huge production, but you can make things yourself or put your dollars straight into artists’ hands and have a whole lot more of a personal experience."

We will be participating in the wedding showcase on Monday, March 17. We are featuring our newest beach wedding suite and a new custom letterpress printed inner envelope: