Monday, December 8, 2008

The Hottest Holiday

Clearly a year of living in Texas has influenced our latest holiday collection (along with a sibling's very tropical and beautiful wedding thrown into the year as well) as we are embracing the joys of yet. another. hot. season. I manage to pull out my sweater collection around this time, regardless, and I do admit it is brightly colored, so perhaps a colorful christmas, rather than a white one, is a better reflection of our wishes anyway.

May your traditions be bright, your home joyous and your new year peaceful, healthy and happy... and warm!

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and p.s.... free shipping on all orders placed through 12/19!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Lovely Summer

We designed and printed this cheerful, summery invite for a bride in Philadelphia. Her wedding was late in August.. you can really feel each bright color deeply impressed into the paper like a late summer sun, hot and sharp, with long, cool shadows here and there.

Printed with a combination of melon orange, tangy green, soft grey and a tint of opaque white.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Letterpress Move

We finally found a new space (out of the garage - hooray!) large enough for our presses and other equipment. We are now located in east Austin on Tillery Street. Be sure to visit us on the East Austin Studio Tour... stay tuned for details.

The move went more smoothly than any previous one - I think working with professionals really makes all the difference. There was none of the usual moments of panic with a press teetering on a lift gate or helpful statements such as "If it starts rolling, jump - fast..."

Thanks to John and Bob for making it happen.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Etsy's Handmade Wedding series

We definitely had something of a handmade wedding in August 2006. While professionals are absolutely essential for some things (I didn't see the practicality in having my mother, a brilliant cook, spend day and night in the kitchen to feed everyone, instead of being a guest of honor at a great party!) there are certainly practical and creative ways to pull the event together - some of my best friends are the most talented people I know - they did all of the flowers and interiors, hung lanterns, tied ribbon and scattered petals.

August '06

Etsy launched their handmade wedding series last week. It's a great resource for anyone seeking a diverse market for almost any element of a wedding. And I couldn't agree more with Etsy's description: "..planning a wedding is a huge production, but you can make things yourself or put your dollars straight into artists’ hands and have a whole lot more of a personal experience."

We will be participating in the wedding showcase on Monday, March 17. We are featuring our newest beach wedding suite and a new custom letterpress printed inner envelope:

Monday, January 7, 2008

Custom Invitations

It is a new year and we know this means there will be lots to celebrate. Vertallee Letterpress is most excited to be part of celebrations large and small and we work with people from across the country to announce joyful, important, new and milestone events. To help with this process, since we can't meet everyone we work with in person, we have added a sample set of invitations to our etsy site.

We like the bright colorways and thick paper stocks we've been printing with lately, and each sample set will showcase three of these. Should you have questions about custom printing or the letterpress process please do not hesitate to contact us:

And remember, we are not only designers, but printers equally. We would love the opportunity to bring your designs to letterpress!